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Are you ready to start your recovery? Ask these 2 questions…

No matter the addiction if you want to make a change in your life because something is unmanageable, the place to start is asking these two questions….



When you can answer them both honestly, YES, you are ready. It’s not easy. You need support. You need a program and a sponsor. 

It’s hard work to dig deep and look at the dark places in our life. But healing those places will allow you to shine bright. Shine your light so bright that you brighten someone else’s darkness. 

That is what God has put on my heart. Share my story so someone else knows they are not alone and there is hope in recovery. 

If you have not read my other posts, I am codependent and was in a relationship with an acholic who I’ve known off and on for 20 plus years. At the end, he binged drinks…for months he drank. He lost his job and I kicked him out. He walked into my home when I was not there and scared my son. I have a protective order against him. When he got out of jail, he would walk by my home. He stood on the corner watching me come and go. I tried hard not to show my kids how scared I was but I don’t know how successful I was. In that moment I was forever changed. 

For months and months I was afraid. I slept on the sofa to guard my home and protect my family. What if my ex came in the house again? I wanted to be right there and give him no reason to go upstairs. I slept with one eye open and one ear listening for outside noise. Even when I knew he had left the area, I was frozen in fear. 

I had to surrender control to its rightful owner, God. My life was unmanageable. God knows the end of my story. There is a beautiful plan for me. I have to trust that He will continue to move mountains for me and my journey to serenity.

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