Eulogy for my Mom…

Written from my heart……for those who loved my mom, enjoy and for those
who never met her….you’ll know her after reading her eulogy.
#HeyMa, ILoveYou
July 7, 1938 – March 29, 2008
Someone once wrote that “The fundamental pattern for any community is a congregation at a funeral” The pattern of all of us gathered here this morning is the pattern of the community of Alice, everyone here is connected to her. It’s a beautiful pattern. Thank you all for coming today. It means a lot to us.
I had a lot of help writing this and it is truly a collective effort. Thank you to my siblings for the honor of delivering this today and the encouragement to do so.
I have found that in this time of unbelievable sorrow, we the daughters and sons of Alice are grateful for many things. We’re so very proud of her being our Mother.
Alice though was much more than just our mother. She was also a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, an aunt, a mother-in-law, a grandmother and a great grandmother. None of these were ever taken lightly. She was truly a gift to all whom she encountered.
Alice was born July 7, 1938, the fourth child of a family of five, daughter.  Sister. She attended 14 schools before graduating high school as her family moved with her fathers work. I remember her telling the story of from her childhood about going outside with her family with pots and pans, making lots of noise to let all the neighbors know that war was over. It was a different time.

Alice was a devoted wife to My dad for 47 years and to Her second husband for 4 years. She was a beloved mother. Having 6 kids in 11 years, I have no idea how dinner was always ready when the Church bells rang, laundry was in your drawer and no one was ever late for practice.

When the time was right and we were all old enough, Alice then had a career of her own. She took pride in her work at the CIA for over 20 years, juggling work and home, effortlessly.
Mimi was the crafty grandmother and great grandmother to 29. From decoupage Easter eggs to Gingerbread houses. There were always projects to keep the kids busy and all of them looked forward to the next visit to Mimi’s.

Family always came first. This was illustrated from the very beginning. After she married Tom, Alice often wrote lovely letters to Aunt Mary, which made her feel included in their new life together. Alice always was the connecting link for the whole family network.
She was building our community.

So now all we can say is thank you.

Thank you Mom for teaching us what family means.

Thank you Mom for sacrificing your comfort for ours.

Thank you Mom for cheering for us at on the ball field, we could hear you even when you were working the snack bar.

Thank you Mom for all the hugs when there was a win and the hugs when there was a loss.

Thank you Mom for putting up with football in the living room and band practice in the basement.

Thank you Mom for the many visits to the emergency room to set a broken bone, or a few stitches. The nurses knew you by first name.

Thank you Mom for always mixing up words like when had just learned to drive and borrowed a friends car, it was a Corvair or was it a Corvette.

Thank you Mom for your understanding, even though we know there were times you didn’t understand.

Thank you Mom for never saying I told you so, even when you should have.

Thank you Mom for opening your home to friends and family at a moments notice.

Thank you Mom for teaching us that it’s ok to sing, no matter how you sound.

Thank you Mom for all the meals, even the peanut soup you attempted which became a family running joke.

Thank you Mom for teaching us that the cure for stupid is time and patience.

Thank you Mom for your quick wit.

Thank you Mom for teaching us that there is no shame in getting knocked down as long as you get back up.

Thank you Mom for teaching us the true meaning of the expressions ‘everything happens for a reason’ and ‘it is what it is’

Thank you Mom for always having a plan B.

Thank you Mom for showing us how a husband should be treated and how to be a good wife.

Thank you Mom for showing us how to be a good friend.

Thank you Mom for showing us that there are times to ask for help.

Thank you Mom for showing us to take pride in a job well done.

Thank you Mom for showing us how to be strong when Dad passed away.

Thank you Alice, Mom, Mimi for just being you.

Mom, your work is done. You did a great job building our community. We will take care of each other and try to follow your lead and your loving example.
#hey ma I love you 


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