I am…

I am enough…

There was a time that I felt that I wasn’t enough to get my ex to stop drinking. 

But that was his issue not mine. I am enough.   
I am resilient…

Because I have survived some difficult dark days. 

I am Perfectly imperfect…

Because life is messy and I have made mistakes. 

My story is not over! 

I am a work in progress and God has a wonderful plan for me! 

Sharing my story is an important part of my journey to serenity. Take this ride with me, the best is yet to be!!!

My journey to serenity continues…

I painted the pics in this post 



  1. I hope you understand better now that it isnt a deficiency in you why the drinking did not stop. That has taken me a long time to understand…..still trying.

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    1. It’s a struggle.
      Why wouldn’t he stop for me?
      Why didn’t he think our future was worth it?
      Why did he make so many promises and never did one of them?
      Why did he pick me to begin with?
      Why did he pull me down and I wasn’t strong enough to pull him up?
      Why did THIS become his default?
      Why doesn’t he think he is worth being the man God wants him to be?

      I understand some days and others not so much.


      1. It’s a sickness. My God, the things people have given up for hundreds of years because of that same sickness. No matter the love, support and resource that surrounded them.

        It’s just a whole hell of a lot easier to put a ‘face’ on if you can say ‘aren’t i enough? Why aren’t i enough?’ But asked and answered; you aren’t. You aren’t until they’re ready for you to be enough

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