It’s about what I GET to do…

By the end of 2015 I was pretty broken, sad and exhausted. Some days it took everything I had just to get out of bed. 

I’ve always been a positive person and come from the place of yes and found that I had to fake it to make it. And some days I still do. 

During the month of November I wrote something I was thankful for on Facebook everyday. Something different each day. #ThankfulHeart

One that sticks out in my mind is one that I wrote changing your mindset….that it is about the things I GET to do and not that I HAVE to do. 

I continue to have a thankful heart everyday for all the things I GET to do because not everyone has the luxury. 

I GET to do the dishes because that means we have food to eat. 

I GET to do laundry because that means we have extra cloths. 

I GET to go to the grocery store because I have money to buy food for my family. 

I GET to take my son to work because that means he is learned responsibility, integrity and work ethic. 

I GET to go to scouts with my son because I am involved in my sons lives. 

I GET to cut the grass because it’s my grass and my house.  

I GET to enjoy a hug from my sons because they care about me and hurt when I do. 

I GET to go to work for a few hours because 1. I have a job that I love and 2. I care about our clients and I don’t want to disappoint the staff or the client. 

I GET to go to my recovery group meeting because it’s important to my recovery. 

I GET to share my story and I thank you for reading it!!! 

My journey to serenity continues…



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