What alcohol stole from me…and what it’s given me in exchange

Alcohol stole my mom from me because she died too soon because she learned that drinking as a way to cope with life. 

Alcohol stole time from my children and their dad because he chose to drink over spending time and energy with them. 

Alcohol stole a boyfriend from my life because he chose to drink over building a sober life with me. 

Alcohol stole a future of 2 people loving each other and sharing our recovery story to others. 

Alcohol stole a year of my life and replaced it with chaos, hurt and doubt. 

Alcohol lead me to find people in recovery and to celebrate with them. 

Alcohol lead me to understand my codependency. 

Alcohol freed me from being frozen in fear and trying to control things I couldn’t. 

Alcohol lead me to freedom. 

Dear Alcohol, your work is done in my life. I’ll take it from here. With God by my side, all things are possible. I am sharing my story. I will love again. 

My journey to serenity continues…

I painted the picture in this post and used Font Candy to add the text.



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