Keep Calm and swim on…

 Its been a rough week. 

Work stuff.

Ex husband stuff.

Ex boyfriend stuff. 

Emotional stuff. 

Seems I have a lot on my plate right now. 

So all I can do is stay calm and swim on. 

All I can do at work is do my job and do it well. Keep my head down and focus on my role. The changes going on at work will either work out and benefit the entire team or it won’t and they will change the process again. I can only control my contribution. 

All I can do is listen to and support my sons while they work through the stuff with their dad (my ex husband). Give them advise and let them know I understand. 

All I can do is tell the judge the facts and how I feel about my ex boyfriend and his request to dissolve my protective order. And the Judge will decide what to do. 

All I can do with the voice in my head that repeats unkind words that was said to me is to quiet it down with the truth. I am not those things. 

All I can do is control me. Control my reactions, feelings and self talk. All I can do is look up and say Lord, please help me with these things in my life. Guide my footsteps, words and thoughts. Provide wisdom, courage, strength and grace.

I have no regrets because I did the best I could with what I knew at the time. 

I will not worry about things I can not control because God is in control and he knows the rest of my story and will walk with me to that place. 

I will lean on my faith in Gods promise to me. 

My journey to serenity continues…

I painted the pictures used in this post and used Font Candy to add the text. 



  1. Very well said Mary. Work is work and their changes do not have to control you. The boys are going through some growing pains, ones that are hard but they are learning and experiencing the realities of life. I know you don’t want that for them but God wants them to learn from this. The X…well now that is a matter that we both have to deal with even though we don’t like it or want to. There is a reason for all of this. God sees the big picture there and He will do the right and perfect thing even if we don’t agree. We both need to learn to accept the end results and know the purpose for whatever outcome it is, is greater than both of us.
    I know the demons in our head can be pretty brutal BUT I also know that is NOT who you are or who I am.
    Take a deep breath…one at a time and you will get through all of this with me by your side and with God by your side.

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  2. I love this. The greatest lesson we can learn is that we can only control ourselves, our thoughts, our actions, our responses to situations. Everything is out of our control except what we do – and that is a powerful gift. You are in control of YOU and you will get through this as you fighting this with every word you type. Each one if a big finger up at all of your struggles, it says “I can do this” and it empowers not only you but those who read your blog. ❤


  3. Wow, I came across your blog through another blog. I am an author, blogger,single mom and mental health advocate n consumer and your blog post is interesting and profound. I will subscribe. Checkout out and I look forward to your comments and you also subscribing.

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