My Truth

It’s time to get real…real honest

Who am I? 
What do I love to do?
What makes me happy? 
What are my goals?
Are all the parts of my life in congruence?


Who am I? My name is Mar. I am a grateful believe in Jesus Christ. My friends would describe me as the nicest person they know and that I would do anything for a friend unless it would put me in jail. 

What do I love to do? I love solving problems. Giving options. Show someone there are solutions. I do this at work, I do this with my friends and I sure hope that I am doing this by writing this blog and help others struggling with codependency. 

What makes me happy? Simple things makes me happy. Watching my kids do things they love makes me happy. Painting makes me happy. Coffee makes me happy. Snuggling with my puppy makes me happy. Spending time outside having picnic, listening to music makes me happy. Having time chatting with friends makes me happy. 

What are my goals? I have struggled with this for a long time. I don’t know big picture long term goals, they seem to daunting to even think about. I can’t even get past the next payday. I have been in survival mode for so long and I’m not sure I know anything else. 

Are all the parts of my life in congruence? No they are not. And I am ok with that for now. I am working really hard to understand and think differently about codependency. And soon I will be able to really think about goals, really put a plan together to get my weight in control. The more the codependency was out of control the more my weight has been too. 

In an earlier post, I  asked 2 questions. Have you had enough? and Are you willing to try a new way of life? When you can honestly answer YES to these questions you are ready to start your recovery. 

I need to get real…..real honest with myself in a couple of areas of my life. And as I write this…

I’m ready. I’m tired of being on this treadmill. I’m only stuck becasue I’ve been afraid to do something different and fail. I’ve had enough. I’m willing to try a new way of life… starts today. Right here. Right now. The time is now. It’s time for me to be the best version of me. Struggles and all. 

My journey to serenity continues…

PS please note, I was distracted when writing this. I went to give my brothers to give him a break. He is the caretaker for his wife who is dieing of cancer. Her health is declining. There was a notable difference from when I was there a week ago. Please pray for her and my brother. 

I painted the pic used in this post. I used Google Images for the brick wall. And used Font Candy to add the text to both. 


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