Standing Tall, Feeling Proud…

Quiet evening at my house tonight. Didn’t turn on the tv when I got home from work. No place to go. The house was chilly cause it’s chilly outside so I grabbed a big blanket and by 8pm was laying in my bed reading a book….. Most unusual evening here but I’ll take it. 

I spent some time reading a book about codependency and in many ways either I wrote it or it was written about me. 

I then took some time to text with a friend and I shared about my blog. So I decided to reread all of my blog posts. 


And tonight I feel really really good about sharing my story. Really really good about  how far I have come in this journey. Really really good about starting to trust myself. Really really good about starting to forgive myself.  

I am standing tall and feeling proud of myself. So many tools. So many great things I already know, I just needed to listen to myself. 

Thank you to those who are following my journey. Thank you for reading, liking, commenting and reblogging. Thank you for letting me know that when I’ve shared helped you. It makes my heart smile. 

This feeling proud of myself is something new for me. I have never written like I have for this blog. But this outlet has done amazing things for me. 

I am humbled by many of the comments. 

THIS is Gods plan for me and for all of us. To be in community with each other, to lift each other up. To stand tall together. We meet each other where we are just like God does. 

I was reminded this week of the story in the Bible, I think it’s in Matthew. When Jesus is talking to the young rich man and tells him to go sell his things and give it to the poor. There is treasure in heaven and to come and follow him. And the young man walks away. 

What I NOW love and appreciate about this story is the fact that Jesus let him walk away. He didn’t chase after him.  He didn’t try and re-explain it. He didn’t qualify it. He didn’t change the answer. He let him walk away.

Who knew there was stuff in the Bible about how not to be codependent. Awesome stuff right there! 

My journey to serenity continues…

I painted the pic used in this post and used Font Candy to add the text. 



    1. It’s so amazing when a story you have heard 100 times clicks in a different way. I think that verse is often talked about in the context of free will but taking a step back and realizing that Jesus didn’t chase after him or try can convince him otherwise… grateful to have a new perspective.

      Glad you enjoyed the story too.

      Liked by 1 person

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