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10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Painting…

I have been blogging for 60 something days now about the story of my codependency and recovery from a dysfunctional relationship with an alcoholic. 

In my blogging, I have been able to use my paintings and added text using an app called Font Candy. It’s been a very cool experience for me to be able to use my artwork in this way. Who knew that these two outlets would work together so well. 

It’s official, I’m out of artwork to use. So I better get busy. 

I am hoping to paint some more things soon but I figured I’d share some life lessons I am reminded of while painting.  

1. If you know you want to be or do X. Find People being or doing X and do that……I have to share this quick story. A few years ago I was at the grocery store and looked at the items on the belt of the person in front of me. ‘Huh, so that’s what skinny people eat’ I thought and chuckled to myself for thinking that and an idea was born. I asked a group of ladies to go to dinner with me. They all were inspiring to me in their own way. A week before dinner, I asked them for their to go happy inspiring song. At dinner I presented each friend with a CD of the 12 songs that lift us up. I figured that if you want to be happy, find out what happy people listen to and listen to that! So if you want to paint, find  paintings that make you happy or inspired or interested in and do that. You want to —– find people doing it and talk to them and do that. 

2. Get inspired. I am fairly new at painting so I search the Internet, Pinterest and You tube for inspiration. My final artwork often looks nothing like the original. But it’s got my spin. Be inspired, add your spin. It’s mine and I love it. 

3. If you know me, you know I love pink. My room as a kid was pink, my prom dress was pink, the tire cover on my Army Green Jeep is pink, my hair had been pink, my sons have pink dress shirts and pink ties just for me. My Keurig is pink. I guess it’s a good thing that I have sons. I can’t have too much pink in my life. So know what you love and what makes you happy and have that around you.  I have many shades of pink paint because I know I’m going to use it.

 4. Make time. People make time for what they want to do. It’s true for anything. If I want to go to the gym, I’ll make time to do it. If I don’t, I’ll make an excuse. It’s how people work. HOWEVER, If you are finding you don’t have time for something you want, I would recommend you put it on your calendar to force youself to make time or ask for help. Can you do this so I can now do that. You’ll figured out a other time to fold laundry, trust me.

5. Don’t rush. When you rush, you make mistakes. And some mistakes can be really hard to fix. Slow down, enjoy where you are. 


6. Don’t take short cuts. Shorts cuts sometimes seems like a good idea, but in the end cause unforeseen problems. I painted something for a coworker and I took out my hairdryer to dry the canvas, which caused the paint to crack when it fully dried by the next day. Everytime I see it, it makes me shake my head and think I should have been more patient. 

7. When you make a mistake. STOP. Take a break. In painting, you have to let it dry completely, then you can often paint over it and no one will know. But not waiting, it will be a big freaking mess and only get worse. 

8. If it’s didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Get a new canvas and start over. You can always paint the 1st one over in white, let it dry and start all over. You can always start over from this moment. We all fuck up. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s cool. Start from this second and do the next right thing. 

9. Clean up your mess and make a list of what you need so you are ready for next time. I have had to throw out bushes because I didn’t clean up or  went to start painting only to find out that I’m out of white or black (or pink…..never) paint. Finishing well and setting yourself up for next time is part of the process. 

10. Take time to feel proud of your accomplishment and share it with someone else. Remember #1, someone will see you being awesomely you, and ask you what you are doing. Embrace that! Be that. 

BONUS #11. Be authentically you. No one is more qualified to be you than you are. Don’t be afraid to be authentic. I can tell from my paintings that I’ve painted over or blog posts that I deleted when I was doing it for someone else and not being me. You’ll know. And once you are authentic, everyone else will too. 

You know her, Mar, she may struggle with codependency but she is pretty awesome, just saying. =0) 

My journey to serenity continues…


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