Move over The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…

Move over The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…there’s a new trio in town The Good, The Great and The Excellent. 

Meeting take aways.   

The Good…

Before the meeting, I ran into a Pastor that I spoke with 4 months or so ago. She commented that my energy had changed and that I was beaming. Made my heart smile. 

The Great…

Last week, I shared with the group about my blog and how much I have learned and grow from it. I specifically mentioned things I had written in the 10  Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Painting ( ) and You Are The 5 People You Hang Around ( )

One of the ladies that attends maybe every other week shared that what I said resonated with her all week and she appreciated what I shared and what she learns from the group. 

This reminded me how important it is to go to meeting, which I have gone faithfully. And to really listen during sharing time. Not only do you learn about the person sharing but you also can learn things for yourself. Sometimes I find myself thinking about that I want to share and have not been present for others. 

The Excellent…

I say this although some may not see it as excellent but I do. I see it this way because how far I have come. 

There is another lady in group that we started about the same time. I have always been friendly and kind to her because I knew she was struggling with her program while I’ve been busy working on MY program. I know how she felt, I was there. She on the other hand has been upset with me and I had no idea. She been upset with me for a while. I won’t go into why but it’s all her issues not mine. I am triggering somethings for her that have nothing to do with me. 

Recently her situation became serious. While still being loving and meeting her where she is, last week I felt like she took over some of my time during the music and worship time of the meeting by talking to me. She needed someone to listen to her. 

This week, I purposely sat with her for dinner but when we went into the other room I sat away from her. Not because I don’t care about her but because I do care about me and my recovery. 

Her situation is different than mine but close enough that I know I could get sucked in, if I’m not careful. 

I touched base with my sponser tonight after the meeting and she said she was proud of me for setting healthy boundaries. That the other person had talked to her about me and my sponsor assured her that I was busy working hard on my program and she needed to focus on her and her program. It’s not a race. It’s not a competition. 

I’m proud of myself that someone I met 4 months ago can see a change in me, that something I said helped someone else during a meeting and that I set healthy boundaries. 

Right on, that’s what it’s about. Recovery it’s a good thing! 

It works if you work it! 

My journey to serenity continues…


2 thoughts on “Move over The Good, The Bad and The Ugly…”

  1. Keep coming back! I love reading these stories! I just celebrated my 3rd year and recently just had a hard look at myself and realized there was something wrong. I was missing the excitement I once felt for the small things that you so eloquently stated, so I started a blog as well. Wow! This does work! Please just keep coming, we need you!

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