My Truth

Life lessons from unexpected places…

I have never been one to do what’s popular. Tv shows, sports, games, if it’s the ‘in thing’ I likely am not into it at all. I’ve pretty much always marched to my own drummer and sometimes my own drum line! 

There is this app/game named Flow. I don’t know how popular this game is but it’s a simple game of connecting colored dots. There are different sized puzzles. I play it when waiting in line or play it at work while I’m on the phone sometimes. I don’t work in a phone center but I spend a lot of time on the phone with clients and I answer a lot of same types of questions so sometimes I just need to keep my brain busy. 

You can look for meaning in just about everything. I wrote another blog post about life lessons from painting. So now I wanted to share life lessons I have been reminded of from playing the game Flow. 


#1 Getting from point A to point B is not typically a straight line. Wouldn’t life be boring if we did things that went easy and in a straight line? 

#2 There is more than one way to get a job done. I may do something differently than someone else, doesn’t make either way wrong. 

#3 Getting help from others who have already been there is totally a good thing. Asking for help is a great thing. No need to reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to. 

#4 You can always work more than one line at a time and sometimes it shows you the next path. Working multiple things helps put things into place.

#5 Sometimes if you are so off track, you can start over. You can. It’s ok to do that!!! 

So there you have it. Life is not a straight line, there more than one way to get ‘er done, ask for help, new paths are revealed and you can absolutely start over! 

Thanks Flow for the simple reminders. 

My journey to serenity continues…

The photo used in this post is a screen shot from a game I played using the app Flow. 

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