Friendships born out of recovery…

There is something special about friendships born out of recovery. 

I treasure the regulars at my Celebrate Recovery meeting. And I welcome newcomers and visitors.  

I learn something at every meeting about myself from someone else’s story. 

People on the room know many of my darkest corners of my heart and they love me anyway. They know of my struggles and bad decisions and they love me anyway. They hug me. They pray for me when I need it. They celebrate with me and for me.

There is a connection you make with those who are like minded and in recovery like no other. 

My sponsor has become my biggest cheerleader and supporter. I exchange text message of encouragement with several of the ladies in my small group. During fellowship before or after the meetings, the men are like my big brothes and they should stand in line to protect or help me if I asked. 

In my meeting this week we had a guest speaker who moved out of the country for a job last year and he shared about his recovery experience overseas. There were several people here I didn’t know but they were there to see the guest. I had to laugh when one of the leaders said ‘it’s a who’s who of an anonymous group meetings’ 

He shared about how much he missed this type of relationship with people in recovery. That he expected to be able to find a meeting any day of the week. But there is not. 

Feeling blessed this week for friendships and being able to go to a meeting everyday. 

I treasure the regular readers of my blog too. Your comments and encouragement means more to me than you know.

My journey to serenity continues…

Feel free to reach out to me via email



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