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just start rowing…

I went to a different meeting over the weekend, not my home meeting. Differnt focus, same steps. i introduced myself and said it was my first meeting. that i’ve been going to another group for 6 months and am working on Step 4. and that there is a lot of emotional stuff going on and i wanted to try this meeting for additional support.

Was very welcomed and heard things that i could totally relate to and needed to hear. 

One person shared with me this image about recovery groups, so i wanted to share it with you.

Picture this…

everyone in the meeting is sitting in a body of water, rowing. 

You look at them like they are crazy, rowing just sitting in the water. 

They invite you to join in. 

And you are not sure but go ahead and sit with the rest in the water. 

You look around and think its just weird to be sitting in the water rowing. 

But you decide that you will give it a try and start rowing. 

And that is when the boat appears. 

So the point is, to just do what everyone else is doing. Listen, share, get a sponsor, read and work the steps. Even if it feels weird. Even if you are afraid. Do it anyway. The boat will come! 

Addiction no matter the type, keeps us isolated and often full of shame. While the fellowship you will find in recovery groups is like no other kind of fellowship. 

And before you know it, you will be encouraging someone else to just take a chance and get in the water and just start rowing because they see your recovery and because you give them hope that the boat will come! 

My journey to serenity continues…

7 thoughts on “just start rowing…”

  1. Lovely analogy and so true…remember feeling out of my depth and treading water ( to continue the theme!) everyone seemed to know what was going on apart from me but knew for my life to change I had to some how do the same….the boat that came my way was a life raft it’s been a rough sea I have fell out more than once…but the life buoy is always thrown out for me to catch if I need it. Right now like you I am doing step 4 now that is like paddling against the tide, – thank you for sharing – Hope X

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  2. Great analogy! Getting started and following the plan (working the steps, attending meetings, commenting, etc) is so scary for people. I see a lot of people show up once or twice and never see them again. It breaks my heart. I think to myself, “but you were so close!!”

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