My Truth

Just for today…

Just for today, one day at a time…..things you hear in recovery programs. 

If you’ve read any of me other blog posts you know I go to Celebrate Recovery. It’s my home. These are my people! God has placed amazing people in my life who are in recovery. And have joined me on my journey to serenity. 

My core struggle is with codependency. The dictionary defines it as….excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically a partner who requires support due to an illness or addiction.

I’ve been digging deep to find and heal those parts of me that got me to this place. It’s been a hard but well worth the journey. 

I wrote a week or so ago that I went to a different meeting and at that meeting someone suggested that you just start rowing, you just do what everyone else is doing even if it doesn’t make sense, just do it and the boat will come. 

So I’ve been rowing. 

This new to me program is Overeaters Anonymous. And when it was first suggested to me, I was like that not me. I’m not doing this or that so that group is not for me. But I went anyway. And I found that I do belong there. I may not do this or that but sure do the other thing and that over there too. I’ve only gone to 3 meeting. 2 locations/times. 

So last Sunday I reached out to someone I felt comfortable with and she became my accountability partner. I text her everyday my food plan for that day. I can put anything I want in it, it’s my plan. I just needed to start rowing. I can clean it up and define it more as I better but right now it’s the fact that I started. 

I’ve never been much of a planner when it comes to food or meals. So this is completely different for me. 


This notion of just for today has been amazing for me all week long. Every day I make a food plan. I also listed a couple of goals like drink 32 oz of water at work or don’t eat out of the candy jar. 

And what’s totally cool and amazing…..I’ve stuck to my commitment everyday since I’ve started. Even times what I could have take candy from the basket at work because I’m the only there but I haven’t. Or like tonight I left early for work and I totally forgot to put stuff in the crock pot and then I worked late and didn’t walk in the door till 8. So other nights I would have just picked something up or eaten nothing. 

I’m not saying I will never eat candy from the basket. That seems impossible. I’m just say for today I won’t. Just for today. I can do it for one day. 

Ain’t that some shit. 

I have a new appreciation for ‘just for today’ or ‘one day at a time’ 

Feeling so good about where this recovery thing is taking me! 

My journey to serenity continues…


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