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Open Letter to The Reader of My Blog…

Dear Reader of This Girls Journey to Serenity- 

If you have read one post or all 95 (including this one) I can not thank you enough. You taking the time to read about my thoughts and feeling about recovery.  This journey is amazing. I love when your like a post and the feedback from comments have been so awesome. It has been unexpected and wonderful. 

I started this journey because I needed an outlet of being able to work out my thoughts and feeling in a safe place…..haha yeah great idea of posting on the Internet my deepest darkest thoughts, hurts and struggles …..who knew that I would find support and encouragement and that it can be a safe place. 

Your encouragement fills me up and my cup (or umbrella) overflows with love and gradatude. 


My friends just didn’t understand or know how to help when all I really needed was someone to listen. 

 I get to be honest and real and genuine and confused and frustrated and sad and hopeful and get to write about whatever is on my heart at that moment. 

I get to say out loud how God is working in my life. 

I get to use my art work in ways I never knew when I painted most of them. 

I have found my voice of sharing my story through blogging about it. I plan on giving my testimony around the one year mark at my Celebrate Recovery Meeting in February. I’m debating on if I should post it. Time will tell. I am leading a meeting in a couple weeks and I am so excited for that. I will post that one I think. It’s a good one of I don’t say so myself. 

I think if you have read a few of my posts, you know who I am. I write like how I talk. One of my recovery meeting friends reads my blog and she told me that she can hear my voice as she’s reading it. I love that. 

My sponsor can’t believe that I blog my journey and is always saying how amazing it is that I am so willing to be real and share with others my story. Oh and by the way, she cried when she read my letter to her and so did my BFF. 

This recovery thing…’s hard work. But man oh man is it worth the effort. 

Thank you so much for being on this ride with me, the best is yet to be. 

Much love and light 


My journey continues….


2 thoughts on “Open Letter to The Reader of My Blog…”

  1. Super awesome! I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. They’re insightful and so real. I love that there’s no veneer of perfection that you hide behind. It gives me hope. It lifts me up. It reminds me to stay humble and let God direct my work.

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