My Truth

Open Letter to Alcohol… 

Dear Alcohol –

I really don’t like you. I don’t like how shows on tv or movies promote using you to cope with life. I don’t like how easy it is to get you. 

I don’t like how people do stupid things to have you. Including me. I asked people outside 7-11 to buy you for me when I was in high school. I never liked how you made me feel. I got so sick  from drinking too much. I hated bed spins. And most of all, I didn’t like feeling like I was out of control. I saw my friends make stupid decisions. 

I think I actually hate you for what you did to my parents. They used you to avoid feeling something that is uncomfortable. You stole my Mom from me. She spent a life time with you, avoiding feelings. Coping with or not coping with life. 

My kids missed out on their grandmother for the last 7 years because of you. Their last memory of her was her in a hospital bed and we had to wear special gowns and gloves and wash our hands going in and out of the room. And it’s all because of you. 

I hate that you were more important to watch a sports event for my ex husband than the boys and I were. 

I have seen you adversely impact families all around me.

 And I have recently seen amazing people that put you in your place. They are strong and determined and willing to do the hard work to cope with life without you. 

Leave my friends alone. I’ve lived without you and don’t miss you and don’t need you. 

All my Revocery friends (and their friends and their friends too) and all working hard to break the cycle and live a healthy alcohol free life! 

Good Bye. 

This girls journey to serenity…


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