An Open Letter to P, D and J

Dear P. D and J –

You are my work family. 

P, my work mom. D, my work sister in Christ and J, my work husband. How would I ever get to the end of each work day without you? 

You guys support me like no one else. You each encourage me when I need it. You each help me everyday with work stuff and you each keep me sane. 

We have seen many people come and go at work. We have each had to pick up a the pieces of a work project and helped each other figure out where is was left off and how to finish it. 

You have walked along side me on some very dark days. In the eye of the storm, you were there just to listen.  And loved me along the way. 

P – you are always positive and help me see the benefit from growth in trials. D – you pray with me to put the darkness under our feet and remind me that God is in control. J – you lift my spirit and make my heart smile. 

You cried with me when my personal life was out of control and I was deep in a codependent unhealthy relationship but you gently restored me and allowed me to figure it out with love and support. 

You stood next to me when I was demoted because my personal life got in the way of work and never made me feel less than about what happened. 

You supported me when I took on my new position and was struggling to figure it out. You asked me how you could help and let me vent when I needed to. You celebrate with me as things got easier. 

You each have helped me shine because of your support. 

I love you guys so much. At work and outside of the office. We have each done things together outside the office. Dinner, painting, theatre, rides when my car is not working. If I need something, I know I can turn to you. 

I am so grateful to have each of you and am blessed to have this deep of a relationships with each of you. 

Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron  so one person sharpens another.

Thank you for sharpening me! 

Stay on this ride with me, the best is yet to be!

Love Always XXOO


This girls journey to serenity….

I took the photo in this post. 


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