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Open letter to My Recovery Tokens

Dear Recovery Tokens – 

Oh how I love you. I count the days until I get a new one. I celebrate your arrival. I clap for my friends who get you. 

Tokens are used to identify milestones or time frames of recovery. It’s not only for the person getting the token but also to inspire others but most of all, they are for His glory! 

Today is 9 months in program! 

9 months and 1 week ago, I walked into my first Celebrate Recovery Meeting. I was so broken. I cried the entire time. I was so ready to stop the insanity. Stop being in denial. I was ready for God to take this from me and free my life of codependency. My life was chaos. Something had to give and I wasn’t going to let it be me. At the close of every meeting we say the Lords Prayer and say ‘keep coming back, it works if you work it and you are worth it’

The next week, I got the first token. The 24 hour to 29 day token and I said that I was hurting and broken. But that I was worth it. 

This first token says ‘welcome home’.

I carried this first token on me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for months. It meant everything to me. On days I didn’t know what I was doing or if the pain I was feeling would ever end, I clung to. And then one day, I noticed I wasn’t hurting as much. And started going days without thinking about what happened in the past. 

Then I started working the steps with my sponsor and while there was pain, there was so much healing. 

So thank you my dear recovery tokens for helping me count the months. For celebrating and giving hope to others. But most of all, thank you for allowing me to glorify God and sharing with others what God has done in my life. 

Stay on this ride with me…..the best is yet to be.

This girls journey to serenity…


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