Shaken But Still Standing

When I wrote my Moms eulogy almost 6 years ago, I wrote a list of thank you’s. 

A few were:

Thank you for your quick wit. 
Thank you for cheering for us from the snack bar. 
Thank you for always having Plan B. 

One comes to mind tonight, thank you for teaching us, it’s ok to get knocked down, as long as you get back up. 

Back in July, I was asked to take over a postion at work that the person doing that job walked out and left a huge freaking mess. I had little training and worked many many many nights and weekends to keep up because the trains don’t stop in that department. Oh and did I mention that I’m salary so all the extra time was for free. I asked for nothing in return, I came to work sick because the work had to get done. I sacrificed time with my family to make sure stuff got done. 

If you had asked me yesterday how I felt about this job, I would have said. I love the client contact and I felt that I had finally gotten my sea legs and things were running fairly well. Compared to when I started it was night and day. 

So today, I was told that they hired someone else for this position who had more experience and they were transferring me to a different department. That they hoped I would train the new person and make the transition as smooth as possible. 

I felt like I was punched in the gut. 

I worked so hard to turn this around. I give this postion my everything. It’s complicated and there are a lot of moving parts. I helped improve processes and bailed the company out of a difficult messy situation. 

I’m feeling defeated. 

I know time will prove to me the why behind not staying in this position but I can’t see it right now. I have used every mistake as a learning opportunity and rarely have made the same mistake twice. 

I’m skaken. Knocked down, but getting back up. Tears rolling down my face but standing. 

My journey to serenity continues…


21 thoughts on “Shaken But Still Standing”

  1. Our this girl, that hurts. Why don’t people have eyes to see what is right before them. Your embracing the chaos and turning it into a functioning department. It is a victory, but one in which you weren’t crowned. I’m so sorry. But I’m cheering you. I hope you can hear it. HUGS.

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    1. Thanks John!

      Can I ask for another prayer? I’m teaching tonight at my CR Meeting. 1st time. I love what I am sharing about me and using the 3 circles method. I’ll post it here soon but came I ask for calm and confidence to rule my day. May what I am sharing help one person and may I give Him glory through my story.

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      1. Tonight was for HIS glory. I cried and laughed and shared. I was honest and at one point the room was soooooo quiet you could hear a pin drop.
        God was with me when I first heard this lesson.
        God was with my when I wrote my version of this lesson and God was with me tonight.

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      2. Congratulations!! There can be a certain exhilaration when you are up in front giving a lesson, and then you hit it out of the park, isn’t there!! Sometimes our own stories really are that captivating to others. All thanks be to God!!

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