One Final Gift

One Final Gift. This is a story of true love and one final gift.

It was this time 14 years ago. A kind hearted, generous, strong and faith filled man suffered a stroke.
You may not know this but it sometimes takes a few days for the body to settle down after a stroke and you will know your starting point.
This strong mans body deteriorated over a couple of days.
When the dust settled, this man who was smart, loving and a wonderful provider for his family was unable to move his right side or speak. But this is his starting point and a plan was being put together for his recovery.
He could not talk or read but he could understand what was said to him and he could answer yes and no questions.
As he lay recovering in the hospital, he was visited by the people who mattered most to him. One of his favorite people in this world is his sister. She is also kind hearted, generous and faith filled. She spent countless hours talking and praying with him.

One day it was clear that he wanted to tell her something. After a series of questions, she was able to figure out that he wanted someone to know about a gift he had gotten for his wife and hidden it was under the guest room bed.

Sadly, just 10 short days after this journey started, it ended. He passed away with his family around him on the evening of December 23rd 2002.
Now on the way home, the sister is thinking about the gift that is hidden but did not know what it was or when is the right time to tell her.
Shortly after getting home the sister tells the wife about the gift. The wife opens the gift in tears. It’s a beautiful 3 diamond necklace. One diamond large than the next. Which represents the past, the present and the future.
I can only imagine that when this necklace was purchased, THIS was not the future he imagined with his wife.
What an amazing thing he did by telling someone about it when he had no words to speak. Otherwise, who knows how long it would have remained hidden. She had one final gift from him.
How do I know this story you may be wondering. Is it something I read online or just made up?

I know this story because it’s the story of my parents and my aunt. And It’s the story of true love and one final gift.

No one knows what the future may hold and how our story will unfold. All to often we end up in a very different place than we thought we were going.
Remember that communication is always important even when you have no words. My lesson learned from my Dad during this time is to keep asking questions. Even yes and no ones.
I love and miss you Mom and Dad! I am blessed to have been a witness to your love story. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you both. Thank you loving each other and for loving me…..even from heaven.

Much Love

Your loving daughter- always. 

My journey to serenity continues…


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