Ripples From Yesterday

This was the exact moment my heart broke, the first time. The man I loved began drinking and this took me on a codependent journey that I had no idea what all was about to happen. 

This is the post I posted on Facebook at 2:12am on May 5th 2015. 

‘Ripples in water……did it start from a single tear rolling down someone’s face? Did it start from a kind word that changed someone’s day? Did it start from a single act of service for someone else? 

No matter how it started…..know the effects are long lasting. Rippling the waters for moments to hours to days to time beyond what you can imagine. 

Be kind. Be supportive. Be understanding. Be forgiving. You never know who you may touch with one single tear, word or small act.’

I read this today and see myself sitting on the sofa sobbing, not understanding and not ready to face the truth. 

I can feel myself sitting next to myself saying….you are going to be ok, better than ok in fact. The next few months you will not be yourself and you are going to make mistakes but know that this is going to take you to understanding and you will be ready to face the truth. 

Ripples that started 2 years ago, pushed me to THIS place. Now being 450 days in recovery from codependency and having the understanding of how I got there.  

And ripples from today being a healthier person and LIVING life will push me to even better places. I attend my home group meeting every week and I am working a step study, I am starting another study. I am spending time with like minded people in recovery. 

My journey continues…

This girls journey to serenity. 


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  1. I know this place all too well and I’m sad you are here but at the same time, encouraged. You have the tools to get through this and journey on…to your serenity! Journey in hope!


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