My Truth

That space we all need to vent…

That space to just vent. Not wanting feedback or someone to fix my problem. Just space to vent. 

This is something I have learned first hand how important it is for each of us to have but so often we don’t have. 

During the share part of the meetings I attend, we each have 5 minutes to talk about whatever  we would like to talk about. We actually use a timer to make sure each person has the chance to share and to make sure one person doesn’t use up all the time. 

This time for many of us….well I can only speak for me, is the only time I have sometimes to share about what’s going on. No one can say I’m wrong, or my feeling are not valid. I don’t have to justify or explain myself. No one can ask questions. It’s 5 minutes to just just vent about something amazing or something I am struggling with and sometimes that is one in the same. 

I also see the importance of giving others this space in other parts of my life. Like Facebook for example. Over the weekend my brother posted about some frustrating and upsetting to him. He just wanted a space to vent. That became clear to me when I read the comments and his replies. Everyone was trying to fix it for him and give him suggestions on what to do. I commented ‘that really sucks, I’m so sorry that you have to deal with that’ and then I called him and we chatting about it more. 

It’s sparked a really good conversation between my brother and I. 

I guess in some ways it’s just human nature to want to fix it and help the other person from not hurting so much. But there is a time and place and people really just need a little space to vent without comments. 

My journey to serenity continues….

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