Someone near and dear to my heart was recently in an inpatient treatment program for anxiety and depression. 

I could only visit for an hour each day from x – y.  

I arrived early and sat in my car with windows down waiting to go in.  And a nice warm breeze went by my car with hundreds of seeds with a white fluffy end to carry them away. 

As I sat there thinking about the people in the treatment program, especially the one I love. I couldn’t help but think about all the wishes and hopes not yet wished on those seeds. 

A few seeds even landed in the car. 

So I closed my eyes and made these wishes…

My wish for each of you is that you will always know your worth. That you will always find joy in all seasons of your life. That you will always have what you need and enough left over for what you want. 

Remember that God puts the right people in your life to help you along the way…..for a season, for a lifetime but always for a reason! 
You are awesome and amazing so keep up the good work of just being you! 
I know you are hurting but today you have 100’s of wishes not made yet. 

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks watching these people grow. I’ve watched them find confidence again and find their smiles again. 

Some people may see a weed, but all I see are wishes yet to be made. 

My journey to serenity continues…

I took the pictures used in this post


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