My Truth

What Does Recovery Look Like…

Everyone has heard WWJD What Would Jesus Do. It’s a ‘filter’ that some people use decide how to handle something or like a barometer to see how your decision measures up to the ultimate good decision maker.

Addictive behaviors are often centered around feelings, either a way to cope with feelings or a way to avoid feelings. For example, I don’t to feel hurt, (Not sure who does but stay with me) so when I feel hurt, I turn to enter your vice of choice here, to no longer feel that way or I’m not going to allow myself to hurt so I turn to my vice here.

While working a program, I started to use the WDRLL filter. Never heard of it? Well that’s because I just made it up. The What Does Recovery Look Like Filter has helped me navigate some situation.

Recently one of my sons got a card from an estranged family member. One would have hoped it said an encouraging word or just I’m here for you. Something positive. But it didn’t. Instead, it was selfish and guilty driven.

At first I wanted to blast this person directly and then indirectly on social media. I was fired up and feeling hurt. Hurt that someone would treat my son this way, hurt that they don’t get how hurtful their words are to a teenager and hurt that can’t control any of it.

But I took a deep breath.

And I took that hurt and looked at the situation using my newly defined WDRLL What Does Recovery Look Like filter and I used it as a teachable moment.

My sons and I had a conversation. We talked about how he felt. We talked about responding or not and what would be gained in responding in a healthy way to an unhealthy person and we talked about what do we do with these feelings. It truly was a teachable moment.

One of the best things as a result of me being in recovery from codependency, is I’m teaching my family recovery too, so that maybe they don’t choose enter your vice of choice here but choose a healthy way to cope.

My journey to serenity continues….

My Truth

Who Does God Says I Am???

Ever since I wrote my last post, A Fork In The Road, there has been one line repeating in my head. Nudging me to write more about it. Look that up, go deeper there.

“Living out who God says I am.”

So who DOES God say that I am??? Well I looked it up and this is what I found.

  • He doesn’t see me as less worthly because I am blessed
  • I am loved because I am His daughter.
  • He doesn’t see me as inferior because I am chosen
  • He doesn’t see me as a sinner because I am forgiven
  • He doesn’t see me as hurting because I am favored
  • I am not alone because He sends other to join my journey with me.
  • He doesn’t see me as rejected because I am accepted
  • He doesn’t see me as flawed because I am made in God’s image
  • He doesn’t see me as lonely because I am His child
  • He doesn’t see me as a loser because in Him I am victorious
  • He doesn’t see me as weak because I am strengthened by Him
  • He doesn’t see me as damaged because I am healed
  • I am new because I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ
  • He doesn’t see the chains that hold me back because I am delivered
  • He doesn’t see me as ransomed because I am set free
  • I am redeemed because His son died for me.
  • He doesn’t see me as broken because I am complete
  • I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made
  • And I am a masterpiece

The Bible is the one book that the author loves the reader. And if these words I found are a representation of WHO GOD SAYS I AM…..I need to read this list everyday to remind myself that no matter what others say, no matter what others may think of me…..this is my truth of who I am.

My journey continues…