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Life is short…..missing my friend

Yesterday I texted my friend Mike….’hope all is well in your corner of the world.’ I’ve sent this message many times to him as to others. 

To my shock, Mikes wife texted me back that Mike had passed away from a massive heart attack 13 days ago. She was so sorry for having to tell me by text. 

I am just beside myself with grief. 

I read through all of the text massages between Mike and I and wanted to share…..

Mike was an engineer and worked for NASA for a long time. He owned every tool you could imagine and many he owned 2 or 3. 

We became friends when the high school did Fiddler on the Roof and we built the cart for the show together. Well he designed and built it and I handed him tools. but it was easier with 2. I asked him questions about why he did things in that order and he liked my curiosity about how things worked. 

Mike had no idea what he got himself into when he offered to repay me for helping with the cart, he would work on my car for the cost of parts. Over the years I can’t even count how many times he worked on my car. Always wanting to save me money, he would take things apart and replace only what was needed to be replaced. Sometimes that worked and sometimes not so much and he would end up replacing the entire part. 

Most of the time I was there when he worked in my car. And he always explained stuff to me and I happily listened and asked questions and handed him tools. 

When he was done he’d say ‘I have one question for you. Who da man?’ And I’d say ‘YOU ARE’. 

Mike came to all the plays the boys were in both at school and with community theatre. 

We talked about family and I know how much he loved his kids. Keith who died at 13 from a brain tumor. And he would beam when he talked about his daughter. 

Mike wanted to stay connected to his son and was very active with the high school drama even though Keith never made it to high school. His daughter was active in theater, she was a senior when my son was a freshman. (Keith would have been a sophomore) the year that Keith would have graduated, Mike went to help set up the chairs. They had a chair for Keith but Mike couldn’t stay. It was just too hard. I think he just wanted to make sure no one forgot about Keith. 

I laughed at some of the text messages we exchanged. I’d say ‘ok awesome’ and he wrote back ‘what no sauce’ ‘Ok ok awesomesauce.’ I’d say back. Or in one of our last text conversations he said I was doing pretty well on my own and while money won’t buy happiness, happiness won’t buy groceries and to hang in there. 
Earlier this year I told him that my man picker was broken and I wasn’t going to date anyone. He said….I have a theory…..that I should park in front of a hardware store, barber shop, auto part store and the like (just not a bar) and put my hood up. And the man who comes to help me is observant, caring and capable…..or he could just want to wear your skin as a suit. There’s always that element of surprise. Thanks Mike for the advise. 

I’ll miss you Mike. You were a blessing to me for a long time. Thank you so much for you did for me. I am so very grateful for the time we had together. You will never be forgotten. 

I feel like someone stole a security blanket. I knew he was always a text away. My heart hurts that he is not anymore. 

Until we meet again…..

My journey to serenity continues…

An Open Letter to P, D and J

Dear P. D and J –

You are my work family. 

P, my work mom. D, my work sister in Christ and J, my work husband. How would I ever get to the end of each work day without you? 

You guys support me like no one else. You each encourage me when I need it. You each help me everyday with work stuff and you each keep me sane. 

We have seen many people come and go at work. We have each had to pick up a the pieces of a work project and helped each other figure out where is was left off and how to finish it. 

You have walked along side me on some very dark days. In the eye of the storm, you were there just to listen.  And loved me along the way. 

P – you are always positive and help me see the benefit from growth in trials. D – you pray with me to put the darkness under our feet and remind me that God is in control. J – you lift my spirit and make my heart smile. 

You cried with me when my personal life was out of control and I was deep in a codependent unhealthy relationship but you gently restored me and allowed me to figure it out with love and support. 

You stood next to me when I was demoted because my personal life got in the way of work and never made me feel less than about what happened. 

You supported me when I took on my new position and was struggling to figure it out. You asked me how you could help and let me vent when I needed to. You celebrate with me as things got easier. 

You each have helped me shine because of your support. 

I love you guys so much. At work and outside of the office. We have each done things together outside the office. Dinner, painting, theatre, rides when my car is not working. If I need something, I know I can turn to you. 

I am so grateful to have each of you and am blessed to have this deep of a relationships with each of you. 

Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron  so one person sharpens another.

Thank you for sharpening me! 

Stay on this ride with me, the best is yet to be!

Love Always XXOO


This girls journey to serenity….

I took the photo in this post. 

Open Letter to My BFF

My BFF and I have know each other for just over 16 years now. 

Our kids went to the same school and we were on the PTA together. We quickly got each other. We were both stay at home moms. We really didn’t fit the mold of plays groups and mommy and me this or that. 

We would talk everyday on the phone about everything and about nothing. 

We went to jazzersize together. And took an American Sign Language class together at the community center. And we worked together 2 summers I think it was at a kids summer day camp. 

She was with me through many days of deciding to leave my ex husband. And I was with her when her daughter was acting out. 

We have shared many laughs and many tears. 

I was with her when waiting for what could be scary test results and she was with me when my mom passed away. 

She was with me when I thought is was a great idea to give my now ex boyfriend a chance when no one else would. And she was with me when I finally figured out that it was the worst idea ever and I was afraid.

I was with her when her mother moved in……and moved out. 

We’ve made some good decisions and supported each other and some not so good decisions and supported each other. 

She’s that friend that would hold your hair while you were throwing up. And wipe your tears and say you are looked beautiful. 

 All these years, she has loved me anyway. She knows just about all my crap and loves me anyway. 

I got to teach her recovery lingo. And share with her what I’ve learned and helped her understand some of her own feelings and that is was totally normal. 

I’ve told her for years that she is better than family and is my sister my choice because we both have difficult sisters and we no longer talk to.  

I don’t know where I’d be without her and I am so very grateful to have her in my life. Always a phone call or text message away. 

Everyone needs a friend like her! 

you + me = BFF’s 4ever


Continue on this ride with me, the best is yet to be. 

This girls journey to serenity continues…